Photography excursion in the countryside

I lead private Umbria and Tuscany photo tour safari to get the best countryside landscape pictures: you can travel with me and discover the best photo spots where take pictures,  at the right time, with the best light.

Learn from a pro of the landscape photography, tips and tricks well explained during the shooting if you need: improve your photography skills.

I  help you to explore the beautiful Tuscany territories: stunning scenery, hilltop villages, medieval alleys, winding roads, rolling hills, cypress trees, streets and picturesque corners, everything without wasting time. Nobody wants  to waste time during his Tuscany photo trip, searching for the best spot for a picture.

The photographic tour of Tuscany can be organized for one or group, up to a maximum of 8 people. The Tuscany photo tour can be arranged for half a day (dawn or dusk), full day, or more days.

– Travel in car with me, driving through the most famous  scenery’s spots of the tuscan countryside;

– The half day tour includes a sunset or a sunrise in the countryside;

– The full day tour could include one or more visit to some hilltop villages of Tuscany, and begin at sunrise and finish at sunset. For some period of the year it is possible to do the photo tour from sunrise to sunset (not in summer as the day is too long);

– Pick-up and drop-off  service directly at your accommodation if your accommodation is located around these areas: Arezzo, Cortona, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Pienza, Siena, Asciano, San Quirico d’Orcia, Chianciano, Chiusi, Lucignano, Bagno Vignoni, Buonconvento.  For different locations, please require when contact me.

What you need to know in Tuscany: Tuscany is easy to visit, we can reach the most intersting spots by car, or just walking a little: however it is recommended to wear good shoes as we walk on the fields of the countryside, nothing challenging, but we can meet some little rocks, slippery downhill, mud, high grass, so please do not wear flip flap or sandals.

How to dress: It is recommended to dress in layers, as in the morning could be cold even spring and summer. Raincoat is necessary if forecast says rain

Photography equiqment: it is suggested to use lenses from 24mm to 200mm (full frame equivalent). In Tuscany the most used lens is the 70-200 as the subjects are far. Anyway ultra wide-angles and longer lenses are welcome if you can carry them. Tripod for landscape is recommended.

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