Photography excursion in the mountains

Embark on an exclusive Dolomiti photo tour, where I guide you to the finest photo spots, capturing the breathtaking landscapes at the perfect moments with optimal lighting.

Join me, a seasoned pro in landscape photography, to gain valuable insights and tips, enhancing your photography skills during our shooting sessions. I understand the importance of maximizing your time and ensure a seamless exploration of the stunning Dolomites territories—featuring majestic scenery, towering mountains, Alpine wonders, serene lakes, and flowing rivers.

Avoid the hassle of searching for ideal photo spots during your trip, as I meticulously plan our journey to make the most of every moment. The Dolomites photo tour is flexible and can be tailored for individuals or groups, accommodating a maximum of 8 people. To truly absorb the beauty of the Dolomites, the photo tour is organized for a minimum of 3 days.

Essential insights for your Dolomites experience:

1. Footwear: The Dolomites offer high mountain landscapes with diverse terrain. Wear sturdy trekking or excellent-quality tennis shoes with a good grip, avoiding flip flops or sandals, to navigate rocks, potential slippery surfaces, mud, and high grass.

2. Dress Code: Dress in layers, including a good winter jacket in the mornings, as it can be chilly even in spring and summer. Bring a raincoat for possible rain showers. Gloves and a hat are recommended.

3. Photography Equipment: Optimal lenses range from 16mm to 70mm (full frame equivalent). The widely used lens in the Dolomites is the 16-35mm, capturing the close subjects and vast mountain peaks effectively. However, ultra-wide angles and longer lenses are welcomed if manageable. Equip yourself with a tripod for landscape photography and neutral density filters for extended exposures.

Indulge in the unparalleled beauty of the Dolomites through your lens, capturing unforgettable moments during this immersive photo tour. Learn more and book your Dolomiti photo tour today.


dolomiti photo tour