Photo tour of the magic coastline, Five lands, Portovenere and more

Embark on an exclusive Cinque Terre photo tour with me, guiding you to discover the finest photo spots, capturing the stunning landscapes at the perfect moments with optimal lighting.

As a seasoned pro in landscape photography, I share valuable tips and tricks during our shooting sessions, offering personalized guidance to enhance your photography skills.

Let me help you explore the breathtaking Italian coastline of Cinque Terre, featuring picturesque scenery, charming hilltop villages by the sea, rugged rocks, and dramatic cliffs—all without wasting precious time. During our photo tour, you won’t find yourself searching for the best spots; instead, we’ll seamlessly navigate this captivating region.

Customize your Cinque Terre photo tour for individuals or groups, accommodating up to 8 people, with a minimum of 2 days for an in-depth exploration. Extending the tour allows us to include additional enchanting villages like Portovenere, Tellaro, and Camogli, promising captivating sunsets and sunrises.

Key details for your Cinque Terre experience:

1. Terrain: While some spots are accessible by car, others require local train travel and walking. Wear sturdy shoes suitable for walking on rocks and cliffs. Although not challenging, be prepared for small rocks, slippery surfaces, and mud—avoid flip flops or sandals.

2. Dress Code: Dress in layers, especially in the cool mornings of spring and summer. Bring a raincoat in case of forecasted rain.

3. Photography Equipment: Ideal lenses range from 16mm to 70mm (full frame equivalent), with the 16-35mm lens being widely used in Cinque Terre. Ultra-wide angles and longer lenses are welcomed if manageable. A tripod for seascapes and neutral filters for long exposures are recommended.

Capture the essence of Cinque Terre through your lens and join me for a memorable photo tour. Learn more and book your Cinque Terre photo tour today.