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What is a fine art print?

A fine art print is a photo that is printed for long lasting, with high quality inks and papers that allow to print excellent colors, tones and contrasts. But, for me, there is another more important matter, my fine art photos must have a “soul”, something special: they must have a story, from the moment of shooting to post processing and final print. I have only selected a bunch of photos from my collection; all of them are special to me, they all have a “soul” because they have gone through three special moments.

First moment: “the shooting” when I saw the landscape and felt an emotion; I felt the landscape in my heart for its unique beauty.

Second moment: “post processing”, when I process the photo I feel the same emotion as when I saw the real scenario and this “touches” my heart a second time.

Third moment: “the print”. When I print the photo it is another particular moment that sends me back to the moment of the shot. My heart is beating fast again and my soul is finally satisfied



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